Association for Biodiversity Conservation & Research

Community engagement, empowerment and Natural Resource management

Comminity engagement, empowerment and Natural Resource management.

Sustainable and adaptive livelihood is an approach and effort to go beyond conventional practices. A number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are addressed through this inclusive and integrated approach of livelihood augmentation, like, human resource refinement and empowerment, ending poverty and hunger, ensuring food security and nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring healthy lives and combating climate change impacts. Natural and locally available resources need to be properly utilized to increase both availability and options of livelihood throughout the year while conserving these natural resources through enhancement of their quality and quantity.

Land, water, air and biodiversity are the most vital natural resources bestowed on Earth. Unfortunately, we continued to exhaust these resources without any thought for their restoration! Today World has reached a time when mankind needs the reminder of “Only One Earth” which they need to care and share. Managing natural resources have become immediate necessary so that all our future generations have enough of them.

No amount of effort can actually make natural resource management possible unless we engage in greater number at community level and sustainable livelihood