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Celebration of Shark Awareness Day-2019

Celebration of Shark Awareness Day-2019

Date When Celebrated : July 14 th
The real goal of this day, is to provide education and awareness of the importance of sharks to the ecosystems of our marine. Sharks have been around for an estimated 450 million years, outliving dinosaurs and most other lifeforms currently on Earth. At their place on the top of the oceanic food chain, sharks are essential to keeping the natural order of our seas in balance.
Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Research(ABC) celebrated  Shark Awareness Day at Utkala, NOCCi by holding educational awareness programs, art competition, teaching students and kids the importance of sharks in maintaining a healthy balance in the ocean ecosystem.
Also the members from Association for biodiversity conservation and Research (ABC) had discussion with different fisheries communities and trawler association at Balaramgadi on the diversity of the Sharks diversity (physical appearance, food habits etc.), Threats and how they can help sharks entangled in fishing nets.

Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Research

With a strong commitment for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the pristine beauty of the nature and creation around us, Association of Biodiversity Conservation & Research (ABC) is a charitable organization formed in 2017 and Registered in 2018 under Public Charitable trust act with whole hearted dedication for protecting the wild species and natural greenery of the wild spaces through conservation, education and awareness with public engagement.


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