Association for Biodiversity Conservation & Research

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With a strong commitment for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the pristine beauty of the nature and creation around us, Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Research (ABC) is a charitable organization established in 2016  and Registered in 2018 with whole hearted dedication for protecting the wild species and natural greenery of the wild spaces through conservation, education and awareness with public engagement.


A living centre for education and science, committed to providing compelling guest experiences and inspiring passion to protect wildlife and habitats.


  • To Protect and restore nature and keep up the natural resources and wildlife.
  • To reverse the ongoing trend of biodiversity decline in India.
  • To strengthen the existing dedication for Nature in a Network based form with capacity building from the grassroots
  • To raise a collective voice for Biodiversity conservation by public awareness.
  • To create constructive and nature friendly thought process by Connecting people with Biodiversity.
  • To decrease the Nature-Human gap in the community and build commitment to life-long stewardship with natural wildlife.
  • To strengthen organizational capacity to increase ABC’s impact.


Fundamentally inspired by the uniqueness, spontaneity and self sustainability of the Nature itself, our core values which guide us to achieve our mission and realize our vision are:

CONSERVATION: We are committed to practicing and promoting activities and actions that benefit wildlife and the environment.

INTEGRITY: our Transparency and commitment to the best practices inspire us to lead by example.

DEDICATION: We are proud, energetic and passionate about saving wildlife with tireless effort for the upkeep of our plant and animal life.

PASSION – We are passionate about and celebrate the diversity of life and a society that lives in harmony with the natural world that has been sustaining and enriching our lives.

EXCELLENCE: We ensure the highest standard of care for wildlife, with efforts to inspire the upcoming generations to understand and work for the upliftment of wildlife and their environment

COLLABORATION: We conduct ourselves in a manner that fosters respect and teamwork among our members, volunteers and our partners to achieve our mutual goals of:

  • Optimism– With holistic efforts, we believe that Indian biodiversity and life on Earth can and will be conserved for its intrinsic values, for future generations
  • Courage– We are bold and courageous in striving to reach our goals, persisting in our efforts to protect wild species, wild spaces in Biodiversity.
  • Accountability– We are accountable to our supporters and the people of India – Great Country and indeed to the world by ensuring that our work is scientific and fact-based, aimed at addressing serious threats to our Biodiversity and in turn promote a positive and sustaining environment.

INNOVATION: We encourage creativity, strive to think differently and turn our ideas into actions.

As a value based organization we understand we are nothing without our community.

With your help, we can continue to protect rich natural wildlife habitats and niches leading to healthy ecosystems for future generations.

Your efforts, best wishes and contribution in all manners will sustain us in the longer run. Thus we seek the utmost cooperation and hearty contribution of everyone around us and across us.

We aim at observing, finding, learning and propagating the unity in diversity







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                MR. SANATAN TUDU

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